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Show More. Be the first to review this item. Comments Page 1 of 2 — frog patterns in crochet — posted in seeking patterns: does anyone have or know where to find any frog patterns for crochet any patterns would be. Anything knitted and crocheted: some frog patternsimage heavy if you like to crochet, and if you are into frogs, you will love these free frog crochet patterns.

Let this little crochet amigurumi frog leap into your pocket! Do a Google with a subject line like "reviews ratings english dictionaries. Poke around on the Net, you may find good stuff to guide you. Speaking of websites, Mr. Madame Librarian just introduced me to one--Answers. It's a free site that offers all kinds of information and It does it's own thing plus offers links to well known sites like IMDB. It takes a few seconds to load each time, so beware of that slight delay.

Worth it, according to my husband. I've just used it once or twice so far, but haven't put it through it's paces yet. Then again, I was a big fan of a show called "Misfits of Science" back in the mid's I just have a habit of liking shows with a limited shelf life. When I tried and log in this morning, the Forum didn't work anymore, I was fearing it had something to do with my computer but I saw Kip's message trying to log in via the Lexicon forum's button. Any idea what happened?

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You achieved your dream of being a mother of three! Thanks everyone for your nice advice about dictionaries. I'll certainly use your tip, madame Librarian. About reality TV, we have those shows here. Most are imported not only from the US and adapted to the french audience. Each time I tried to watch one, I got bored within less than two minutes. Yet there is currently one show which sounds interesting but I never manage to watch it. It's about a young chief to whom the channel paid his own restaurant or helped him to pay it, I'm not sure.

Now he has several apprentices and the show is about how he teaches them, what happens. That could be the way to learn about work in restaurants but maybe because it's relating to cooking, I just never watched it. I watched bits and pieces of that one, I think the restaurant they all started is still going I heard they just got sued for overcharging on beans, or something. Just to say that since the first Survivor I am a helpless reality tv junkie.

Love it all. We get imports, then if they're successful some foolish person has the idea of making a local version, which more often than not is really bad. Current example: Australia's Next Top Model. And local Queer Eye. We're just about to enter ratings season again, the hype for Desperate Housewives everyone in the US is addicted thus you should be too etc etc is quite intense.

Lost is being hyped too, yay for JJ shows.

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It all begins next week And Caput Draconis! I am like you, Septentrion, I never watch reality shows because I get bored at once and I have the feeling that I'm watching a 2 hours long add, for which I would have to pay moreover! The only show that hooks me is ER, I'm addict, hopeless, for years.

And we won't have the next season before next September Nearly half of the kids of my class got it those last weeks and they finally gave it to me. That's an occupational hazard! I feel peaky but I know it should only last for 2 days. At least, I will have some time for catching up with the threads!

Edit: Eponine, about the lessons plans, one thing that works very well for a first day is revisions.

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If you manage to know what they studied in the last weeks, then you will be able to do one or two lessons of revisions without problem. I will give you the advice an experienced teacher gave me when I started to teach: to always have some written work handy to give to the kids, it is the best way for having a class under control for the first hours or when the kids start to become fidgety and you fear you don't know how to calm them down.

I tried it when I started teaching and it works! But you will see that after some time, it becomes easy to see when the cauldron starts to bubble a little too much and how to reduce heat under it. Another thing that works is to take a book and start reading them, it always work! Another advice I can give you is not to talk too much. It was a fault I made when I started, the way you move, the way you look at the kids is at least as important as what you tell them.

When one goes too far, I just stop what I was doing talking, writing on the blackboard , I fix my gaze on him without saying a word but looking very severe. Very often it is far more efficient than yelling and it is less energy consuming for you. I hope it will help! I'm not worried, you'll be perfect! The books are in the back, the DVD's and technical gadgets are what you see when you enter the store But yeeey! I found books I can read!

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And allthough I'm doing fine I miss my favourite shows. I help myself with transcripts What do you mean completely spoiled when I will be able to see them. And as for high heels love the image you put in my mind Veronika, stuck in the lawn? I'm no doctor, but I don't think it is healthy for a child in it's "growing" years to wear high heels as normal everyday shoes. The muscels mucsels?? Walking around a lot on your toes, so to say, is not really healthy for the development of that muscle. Mine where short be nature Man takes of the plaster. Little Steffie is all excited: "Now I can run and swim and join in gymnastics again!

Little Steffie:"Sure I can! My mum and the man weren't fast enough to catch me How was I supposed to know that after 2 months of having my legs in plaster they wouldn't be able to carry me anymore?? I think your advice with children would fit with adults too.

They can be as poisonous as kids, especially when they forget they're no more kids.

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I don't know a TV show with that name. Caput Draconis, that restaurant isn't the one with Jaime Oliver. The show I was speaking of is a family-friendly aired at prime-time, so you're not supposed to see a naked chief. I'm glad you found books to read.

Am I to understand you once had troubles with your legs? No fun when it happens to you and when you have to relearn how to walk. It snows again a little here and it is very cold, is it the same in the North? I do believe that the reeducation of your legs was not fun at all.

I'm sure you appreciated the day it was finished! Thanks for the links about dictionnaries, they're very useful.

Maybe in the mountains of the Vosges there is enough snow to allow the opening of all the skiing stations It has pages. Page numbers are now listed on Scholastic, BN. I'm wondering if that means 32 chapters. We'll see!