Der Sommer Seines Lebens 2.0: Kurzgeschichte (German Edition)

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France , Ex — lles, Italia , Animal Pharm, Emergent Architecture Tom Wiscombe. France , Chair model, Gianni Pettena Italia , Wearable Chairs, Gregor Eichinger Austria , Urbar, installation. Interactive Sound Installation.

Mathematics of the 19th Century

Gonzalo Puch Spain , Sin titulo, Hiraki Sawa Japan , Eight Minutes, Inhere, Holland , Cell Phone Disco, France , Maison H, Portrait to Smile Once a Year, Jones Partners Architecture Wes Jones. Jordan Wolfson USA. Site-Specific installation. Juan Carlos Robles Spain , Volker, Jurgen Mayer H. Germany , Metropol Parasol, USA , Inversabrane, Site-specific installation.

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Manolo Bautista Spain , Diamond Motel. Martin Walde Austria , Production Limits. Masaki Fujihata Japan , Beyond Pages, USA , Beast, Spain , Plaza de las Libertades. Michael Sailstorfer Germany , Sternschnuppe, NOX Lars Spuybroek.

Detector Lamps for Chromatography

Holland , Pavillon H2O, Oh Yong-Seok Korea , Drama, Oliver van der Berg Germany , Kameras, Sternenprojektor, Holland , Portals, Madrid, Spain , Civil Registry Office, A Light Rain, PIPS: Lab collective. Holland , Luma2solator, Caja de sombras 2. Accelerator, Prayer Wheel, Rosalie Germany , Helios, France , Dusty relief, Bangkok, France , Akousmaflore, USA , Spoorg, Metal Desk, Metal Motorcycle, Shilpa Gupta India , Untitled, Interactive video-projection.

Stephan von Huene EE. SunMyoung Choi Korea , Evidence of the invisible 1. Video- projection. Tim Macmillan Germany , Ferment.

Tom Kovac Australia , Visualising the virtual concourse, Tom Verebes U. Luminous system, installation. Wolfgang Munch Germany , Bubbles, Ai Ran Kang Korea , Digital book. Video intallation. Video projection. Dave Griffiths UK , Aljazari, Eli Gur Arie Israel , Untitled, Hand, Untitled, Monitored Feeding Station, UVA, Perfume Pedestal, Arctic Spring, Disposable incubator, Eugenio Ampudia Spain , En Juego, Kim Shin-il Korea , Water. Sangkyoon Noh Korea , One End. Another End. Double End. The New End. What are You Looking for. WAYLF — me — pink.

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L-Algorithm , Interactive sculpture. Digital video. Tire sculpture. Media art is one of the most exciting experimental fields to emerge in contemporary art in recent years—and yet its innovations have been sparsely documented.

A History/Memory Matrix for History Education

Media Arts Zurich, the third yearbook published by the Department New Media at the newly founded Zurich University of the Arts, seeks to fill this gap, offering an illuminating overview of the Swiss media art scene of the past decade. This book examines the varying approaches, techniques, and strategies of acclaimed media artists as well as the public reception of their work. Accompanied by a companion DVD in PAL format and lavish illustrations, this volume presents thirteen individual artists and groups in the context of their backgrounds, exhibitions, and the state of European media art.

Two essays by art and media historians here position these Swiss media artists in the international art world and document the first ten years and visions for the future of the media art program at the Zurich University of the Arts and its predecessor, the School of Art and Design Zurich. Richly illustrated and deeply informed, Media Arts Zurich points the way to a new European avant-garde.

This is a lavish product, designed to help promote talented work and also, therefore, the school through a combination of short descriptive texts, lots of pictures and a DVD. This yearbook provides an opportunity to survey new media from a generational standpoint, and raises questions about whether there are any commonalities among this young Swiss group.

One immediate answer to this focuses on the idea of the choices of specific medias. Moreover, we are presented with works that look at the technical limits and possibilities of various media, and which explore their relationship with social environments and rules. And both are simply on the right track. I am quite exited to run WoW in korean hangul letter system. Recently, the outlook of Seoul is rapidly changing. Seoul is under-construction. What is changing is not only outlook, but our daily life is also changed. It is no longer surprise thing or imagination to watch TV or talk with friends face to face.

Many art works are installed on the street, overpasses. People can enjoy art in the park. However, take the different perspective, and ask to ourselves. Furthermore, what is purpose of art in that sense? It is not used in negative way which is stealing personal information without permission, either. Rather it is right to say that this word is chosen in the metaphorical context: critical thinking, reconsider of our social system and technology.

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  • This project is consists of two parts. First part is related with actual data which artists get from Seoul city such as traffic flow, sound capture and transfer, some official statistic data. For this TMCA collaborated with media lab in universities. Like Balettikka Internettikka from Slovenia and Graffitti Research Lab from USA, they go into the society in order to re-thinking about social system by the intervention and physical hacking. Nanna from Korea is doing performance of asking people to buy or sell their time in the public space.

    She gets into people, and gives them a chance to think their busy life, or time in philosophical sense. Aram Bartholl from Germany make workshop which connected with computer game, but in a very analogical way. The results of performance from the workshop, for sure, bring fresh air to the people who will meet them on the street. Also they have a chance to think about computer game or virtuality. Im Jahrhundert ist das Jahrhundert imaginiert worden als Technologie der Mobilisierung und Personalisierung.

    Mit PC und Handy etc. Jahrhundert neue Akzente erhalten.

    Schweizer Medienkünstler Marc Lee stellt in Seoul aus

    It encompasses an exhibition, research project and symposium. This publication presents the exhibited works, research findings and other documentation of the project. Publikation zur Ausstellung vom Medienkunst — nach den Videos nun auch net. Etliche auch international erfolgreiche Werke entstehen dabei in der Schweiz. Spielraum Medienkunst Herbert W.

    Thus, software is not regarded as an invisible layer, but rather as a decisive level and a language working at reproduction of certain orders, whether aesthetic, cultural, social or political. Software art creatively questions and redefines software and its ways of functioning. Contents Pt. Software Art and Cultures Conference: papers. It consists of papers from the Software Art and Cultures Conference and features projects from Runme. Includes bibliographic references.

    Schweizer Medienkünstler Marc Lee stellt in Seoul aus

    The basic question is: Can software in itself, as a collection of code, instructions, structures and protocols, objects and classes and whatever else it might include, be considered as an artistic medium? Can a program, however simple or complex and in whatever language or programming environments it is written, be a work of art? Is there a software aesthetic?