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If you are going through a court case and you are innocent, seeing a kitten in your dream means that you are going to be relieved from the charges or you are going to win the case, since a kitten signifies innocence. Dreaming of a kitten also indicates transformation in life. You have the zeal to explore new things to discover all that you wish to. A kitten is always curious to know different things around it, just like you are curious about something in your waking life.

Symbolism: A kitten represents transformation, change, purity, innocence, curiosity, selflessness and sometimes even fear. If you dream of a fearful kitten, you fear something in your waking life. It may also mean that your kids fear your presence around them. Miller's dream book also indicates that combing one's own curls is a dream of frivolous acts, in which later repentance awaits.

The significance of what red animals dream of has a more successful character. Golden and orange coat color has always been considered a sign of wealth and nobility. Thus, to see the dream of red-haired people is a bad omen, and of fiery red animals, on the contrary, to prosperity. If an orange-colored horse was dreamed in a dream, then this indicates that unpleasant changes, betrayals, or the appearance of false friends will soon occur in your close circle. It is also an omen of strong emotional experiences that will suddenly enter your life.

Seeing a fiery fox in a dream is also a sign that a waking adventure is ahead. But a dog with reddish hair is a sign of imminent betrayal of a friend. If a man dreamed of a red-haired horse, then this is an excessive use of alcohol in real life. Sigmund Freud's dream book describes a red cat as a harbinger of love adventures and a comprehensive passion, just like the March cats.

Interpreting what various jewelry in red hair is dreaming of, the modern dream book does not offer a rosy forecast: in reality you will be in trouble, but fortunately they will not be as serious as they seemed initially.

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Red-haired children appear in dreams extremely rarely, but if this happens, dream books interpret this as well-being in family relationships, it is possible to have a baby or get married, which will be long and happy. If you dreamed that red hairs grow throughout the body, then this is to misunderstanding in communication with people around.

If suddenly in a dream you saw that red hair is growing on your legs, then this speaks of an announcement in real life of a domineering person, at whose direction you will have to run. A dream about the reddish hairs growing from the nose or nose indicates a fast and interesting adventure. When you dream that you are being attacked, and you are fighting back, this is usually for two reasons: 1 you feel a hostile environment around you, your environment is bothering you, or 2 you are really being attacked not necessarily with fists - maybe with words in life, you feel threatened.

You are not afraid of the one who attacks you. The fact that the cat is alone in a dream means that most likely one person is attacking you. The fact that you wanted to stroke this cat means that you yourself were well-disposed, and the attack on you was most likely a surprise to you.

Could this dream be a reaction to user aggression from a social network? Of course it can. Especially if this user is red :. To caress a cat means distrust, doubt. If in a dream a cat goes towards you, it crosses the road - to meet with the enemy, an insincere person. A caressing cat cat - unfortunately in the house of the owner of the cat. If she meows hysterically - this is a request for help, which is difficult to fulfill. To hear a cat meow without seeing it is to deception.

To see how this happened to another is to a slight indisposition, your resentment against this person. Cat games - to troubles in personal life, to identify enemies; cat fight - to feelings. To see a black cat to evil from an unknown enemy, a dead cat to the disappearance of a person that is unpleasant to you. A stunned cat to see - your lifestyle will lead to bad consequences.

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  7. Harm, cause pain to the cat - you have a bad conscience. To select the interpretation of sleep, enter the keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the dream image if you want to receive online interpretation of dreams in a letter for free alphabetically.

    Common Cat Dream Symbols

    Now you can find out what it means to see a red kitten in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books of the House of the Sun! For a woman to dream in a dream of a lovely, fluffy, white kitten - an omen that she will be trapped by clever deception, but her common sense and prudence will take away her troubles and she can avoid the ruin that threatens her.

    If the kittens are dirty or mottled and skinny, then in reality she, blinded by shiny tinsel, will become a victim of someone unseemly act. To see kittens means minor troubles and irritations that will haunt you until you kill a kitten in a dream, and only after that your misfortunes will stop. To dream of snakes killing kittens is a sign that your enemies, finding ways to harm you, will eventually harm themselves.

    Dreams Of Kittens - Meaning And Interpretation

    Kitten - they will try to deceive and outwit you, but common sense and caution will help you avoid trouble. If in a dream you play with a kitten and it scratches and bites you, this indicates that your lover will have a shallow soul, an evil, unfriendly character. If you marry her, you will be unhappy and will regret your idle life more than once. If a woman dreams of a small fluffy snow-white kitten, this means that she will become a victim of adroit deception, which will lead her into a trap.

    Reasoning and common sense will help her out of trouble. In general, kittens dream of trouble, and lovers such a dream promises quarrels and quarrels. In general, kittens in a dream symbolize minor troubles and irritation. This streak of bad luck will last until you kill a kitten in a dream.

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    If you dreamed of a dark cat, then very soon you will be invited to relax in the sanatorium. For this to happen, carry some cat hair with you. If you dreamed of a bright cat, in the near future you will have to make a choice between career and moral principles. To avoid this, light a candle at night, sprinkle it with coffee and go to bed.

    And affectionate. Often these are family favorites. But in dreams they come in order to draw the attention of an inattentive owner to the negativity accumulated in his life. Here they are - red cats!

    Dreams about kitten - Dreams Meaning and Interpretation

    To determine what exactly the animal prompts, its behavior will help. It happens that the cat is talking with his master. Then the information needs to be analyzed, connecting it with your attitude to the animal.

    Meaning of Dream «Kitten»

    If cats are not nice to you, then his phrases may contain deception. And vice versa: love animals, listen to the night. The red-haired beast in night visions warns a man against a narcissistic and greedy lover. A person is too keen on external effects and does not pay attention to the essence of the person nearby. It can end very sadly. You will lose not only your fortune, but also your faith in your own strengths. The insidious person who has taken possession of your thoughts will poison your soul with his intrigues, quarreling with friends.

    This dream will tell the woman that a sly person has crept into the circle of her friends, for whom conscience is an empty phrase. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Be careful!

    A red cat combines several characters at once, which depend on both the animal and its color. The red color on the one hand has a connection with cunning, and on the other hand it is a sign of vital energy. To obtain accurate and most truthful information, it is worth considering other details, for example, what the animal did, and what you did, etc. For the fair sex, such a dream is a negative symbol, which portends the emergence of problems with a loved one.