La caccia al tesoro (Il commissario Montalbano) (Italian Edition)

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Products of this store will be shipped directly from Hong Kong to your country. Shop By Category. Both writers make great play of their protagonists' gastronomic preferences. Inspector Montalbano is an engaging hero — honest, decent and loyal, he has his own way of doing things, and his superiors regard him as something of a loose cannon.

One of the strengths of the novels is Montalbano's ability to navigate through a murky world, a world of shady connections and favours owed and owing, without compromising himself beyond what he can live with. There is a great deal of humour in his character, such as his unconditional love for silence while enjoying a good meal, but the primary subtext is hard criticism of the social and political situation of both the Sicilian and Italian contexts.

In fact, Camilleri has said that social commentary " In many crime novels, the events seem completely detached from the economic, political and social context in which they occur. This also allowed me to show the progression and evolution in the character of Montalbano. In fact, a determining factor of his success as a Sicilian policeman seems to be his ability to bridge between different cultures. There is the "northern" force, coming from Rome, Milan that attempts to standardize regulations and increase transparency.

On the opposite side is the particularistic "southern" culture with complex webs of relationships that affect the way things are done. Montalbano excels at balancing between these two, while being true to his principles. In , a statue of the inspector was placed in the centrally located Via Roma, in Porto Empedocle, commissioned by the mayor at the time to Italian artist Giuseppe Agnello , it does not resemble the Montalbano we see on TV at all, picturing him with his hand on a lamppost, wrinkles and a full head of hair, just like described in Camilleri's books.

Since , RAI has been producing a television series based on the novels, called in Italian, Il commissario Montalbano.

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Camilleri's writings have enjoyed, and still enjoy, a huge popular success in Italy. It is the thirteenth novel in the internationally popular Inspector Montalbano series.


Complicating the investigation is the strange behaviour of Augello, who has become morose and quarrelsome, thus making hell for everyone at the police station. Meanwhile the investigation into the cut-up body, impossible to identify, becomes more entangled due to a complaint by the beautiful South American Dolores whose husband, a ship officer, has disappeared. A not unimportant fact is. What with the search for the missing husband, Augello's strange behaviour, old mafiosi rituals which recall biblical passages, Montalbano's faith in his closest friends begins to falter.

It has become a tourist attraction due to its mention in Andrea Camilleri's series of detective stories about Commissario Montalbano ; the Scala is formed by a sedimentary rock with a characteristic white color. It lies between two sandy beaches, is accessed through a limestone rock formation in the shape of a staircase, hence the name; the latter part of the name derives from the frequent raids carried on by Moors. La Repubblica La Repubblica is an Italian daily general-interest newspaper.

Born as a radical leftist newspaper, it has since moderated to a milder centre-left political stance. The newspaper first went on sale on 14 January , it was presented as the first Italian tabloid with some sections such as sports and business intentionally left out. When it was founded, it was intended to be a "second newspaper", with only major news at the national level, to an audience that has read a local newspaper.

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It was published from Tuesday to Sunday. During the first two years, it built up a core-audience identified as members of the centre-left and the Italian Communist Party. In , Scalfari decided to cater to the university student movement, so la Repubblica began its expansion; the strength of the newspaper lay in the editorial comments section, always incisive and thought-provoking. In early , average sales amounted to , copies. During the 55 days of the Moro kidnapping, la Repubblica backed the policy of hardline non-negotiation while reporting on the pro-negotiation approach led by Bettino Craxi of the Italian Socialist Party ; the paper's stance proved popular and, by the end of the year, daily sales reached , copies.

In , with an average print run of , copies, it achieved a break-even point. The size of the newspaper increased with page count growing from 20 to The newspaper decided to cover sports for the first time and veteran reporter Gianni Brera was added. In , the Corriere della Sera was hit by a scandal when chief editor Franco Di Bella was outed as a member of the secret masonic lodge Propaganda Due , or P2; this allowed La Repubblica to win extra readers and recruit a number of prestigious commentators such as Enzo Biagi and Alberto Ronchey from Corriere.

Aiming to gain top circulation in Italy, chief editor Scalfari launched new reader-friendly initiatives. There were now 40 pages, including news sections and sport; the newspaper was pitched as an "omnibus newspaper".

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Politically, while the paper kept backing the progressive left, its approach to governmental parties changed: its traditional opposition to Bettino Craxi's line was coupled with overtures to Ciriaco De Mita , one of the leading figures of the left wing of the Christian Democrats ; this seemed to pay off as in la Repubblica sold an average of , copies, about , more than in Ten years the same student is pictured as an adult. La Repubblica continued the game of catch up with Corriere della Sera and on they managed to overtake their rivals. In , la Repubblica launched a prize competition called Portfolio, a type of stock market-based lottery.

Much more than documents.

Readers were encouraged to buy the newspaper daily; the prize turned out to cost more than the supplements earned, the latter increasing sales for one or two days a week only. La Repubblica expanded by , copies within three months, stretching to a total daily average of nearly , At that point, "la Repubblica became the best-selling Italian newspaper; the circulation of the paper was , copies.

The via Solferino publishing group did not reclaim the top spot for two years. At the end of the Eighties, believing that a stronger financial support was needed for the growth of the group, Carlo Caracciolo and Eugenio Scalfari sold all their shares to Carlo De Benedetti. In , after more than two years of legal and financial battles, the struggle was ended by the entrepreneur Giu. It is the fifth novel in the internationally popular Inspector Montalbano series, upon publication in English, was shortlisted for the CWA Duncan Lawrie International Dagger for best translated crime novel of the year; the story takes place between Vigata and picturesque Tindari , a promontory of historical and archaeological beauty, in search of the mysterious bond that has united in the same violent death three persons unrelated to each other.

Thanks to his unique professional insight and even more to his feelings as a sensitive man, Montalbano concludes the investigation, moving in between the boundaries set by the world of tradition and that of modernity. In his fifties, examining his life and a future that seems to be saturated with senseless technology and hopeless inhumanity, with corruption and globalisation rendering everything shapeless, Montalbano feels out of place and lonely. Beyond these considerations and uncertainties that increase the reality of the character, author Camilleri continues the "saga" of Inspector Montalbano, confirming the wisdom of his skillful narrative, which combines a charming language reaching out to the Sicilian language, with the suspenseful plot and the vivid characters.

It is the fourth novel in the internationally popular Inspector Montalbano series. The episode was the first of the series and aired on 6 May On the same day the former merchant Aurelio Lapecora is stabbed in a lift and Karima Moussa, a beautiful Tunisian cleaning lady disappears. Thanks to the help of the elderly Aisha , an acquaintance of Karima, Montalbano finds a savings account owned by the girl with deposited five hundred million lire , a sum too high for a young immigrant who should have had only what she received from her humble work. While returning to the police station from the visit to the house of Karima, Montalbano sees in front of a primary school a small group of mothers who complain with a policeman of some thefts of snacks, which accuse a small foreigner child.

Livia, in reassuring the child brought home by Montalbano to protect him, will feel the birth of his maternal instinct and the desire to form a more intense union with Salvo, adopting the child; the commissioner will join the project of Livia but in the meantime the investigations are complicated by the secret services and the slimy figure of Colonel Lohengrin Pera. In the story there are many references to Montalbano's relationship with his father, who lives far from Vigata and remains a widower of his second wife, he collects newspaper articles that write about his son's investigative successes and when the commissioner was wounded, he was near him by calling and went to visit him in hospital.

Sometimes a box of his good wine arrives at the police station. During the investigation, Montalbano receives a letter from a partner of his father's winery informing him that he has long been ill with a tumor and that, although aware of his imminent death, he did not want to let his son know anything about spare him the agony of his suffering.

Montalbano will arrive in the hospital where his father is hospitalized when he is dead and will bitterly reproach himself for his selfishness because if he had intuited the malaise he has unconsciously ignored it. It is the eighth novel in the internationally popular Inspector Montalbano series.

Set once again in Sicily , The Patience of the Spider pits Inspector Montalbano against his greatest foe yet: the weight of his own years. Still recovering from the gunshot wound he suffered in Rounding the Mark , he must overcome self-imposed seclusion and waxing self-doubt to penetrate a web of hatred and secrets in pursuit of the strangest culprit he's hunted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Guardian.