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Miller of New York, and resides, as a mechanic, in Brooklyn, L. Van Nostrand, son of Joseph H. Resides in New York; a carpenter and joiner, and died leaving four daughters. Mary Ella, Van Nostrand. Van Nostrand, daughter of Joseph H. Ferguson, in New York City, in Was a joiner and manu- facturer.

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Clark Buckingham, born Feb. Clark Buckingham, born Oct. On the 20th of August, , he enlisted in the 23d Reg. On the 23d of June, , was taken prisoner of war at the battle of Brashier City, Louisiana, eighty miles from New Orleans, and taken about miles to Tyler, Texas, one of the notorious rebel prison pens, from which he escaped, but was recaptured — receiving the usual treatment in such cases ; was finally exchanged in July, , after being held thirteen months, and was mustered out of ser- vice at Hartford, August 19, William Alfred, born Dec.

They were admitted to full communion with the church April 9, Buckingham died March 17, j-fog. For his will, see Appendix, Note C. He was admitted to the church April 9, Buckingham was a proprietor in the town of New Milford, al- though he never moved there. See Pro- bate Records, vol. No evidence of his marriage. She was never married. New Milford Records, vol.

He died, prob- ably, in His will was presented for probate the 9th of the 11th month, Their three children were presented for baptism by Mary, widow of Thomas Buckingham, Aug. Ephraim, Strong, born March 10, John, " " Jan. Esther, PI att, born Feb. Ann, a " Nov. Mary, It " Sept. Rirhard, a " Feb. Samuel, a " Nov. He died in Old Milford, Dec.


April 17, ; marvied Jekiel Bryan. April 11, ; unmarried. The date of Mr. Thomas Buckingham's decease has not been found.

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Buckingham, his widow, died April 18, , aged He was chosen deacon of the church in , and died in Spoken of in a deed, Jan. The Christian name of the husband has not been found — nor the date of mar- riage, or the names of any children. Noth- ins farther is known. No far- ther information has been received. Nothing farther is known. The name of his wife and date of marriage, have not been found. He died about , in Oxford. It is said he removed to Central New York. The time of their decease is not known. George Steele, of Exeter, N. Wood- ruff" Buckingham, born Sept. Mary, Piatt, born Jan.

Wood- ruff Buckinghacn, baptized May 13, ; married Ahner Gunn. Benjamin Buckingham, son of Thomas and Mary B. Woodriff Buckingham, born Dec. She was born Oct. Tliey resided at New Milford, Conn.

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Anna, " March 25, ; married Nathan Leavenworth. Benjamin Woodruff, " Dec. Hannah, born June 11,! Hannah Botsford, of New Milford, Dec. Mrs, Hannah Buckingham died Sept 22, He had six sons. The dates of their decease has not been found. Samuel, twins, born ; married Fanny HotchJciss. Isaac Buckingham, son of Jared Buckingham ; married, and moved to Western New York, near lake Erie — but nothing farther has been ascertained concerning him. They both were natives of Oxford, Conn. Buckingham died at Brunswick, Ohio, in The time of Mrs. Buckingham's decease is not known. June 8, ; died Sept.

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No record of any children has been received. He settled in Exeter, of the same County, and had an extensive and lucrative practice for thirty years. He died at Exeter, kSept. He died at Brookfield, Oct. Ruth Buckingham, his wife, died Oct. Mary Judson ; 2. Urania Faircbild died Dec. She left no children.

He resided in Huntington, Conn. Harriet Mallet, in Samuel Buckingham is still living — a fai'mer by occupation. Marvin Judd, " Sept. Harvey C, " Dec. John Calvin, " May 17, ; died in infancy. John Calvin, 2d, " July 27, ; maxviQA.

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To Nancy Gil- bert, Nov. To Lydia Gilbert, Oct. He died, without issue, Feb. His exact place of residence has not been ascertained, and all efforts to find any descendants have failed. Bradley, and she died Sept.

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Uickox, in , and removed to Ohio in Nothing farther has been ascertained. Nathan Leaven- worth, of Hinesborough, Vt. She was born Nov. He was a farmer, and resided in New Milford, where he died, Dec. Minerva, " ; died in , aged 2 years. Nathan Leavenworth, " Nov. An infant daughter, " July 27, ; died tlie day of birth.