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That said, some consultancies, as well as the Recruitment and Employment Confederation REC , adamantly disagree, reporting a steady demand. Even those companies wanting permanent staff are increasingly opting for temp to perm, they say. In particular, the financial sector, along with financial services companies and law firms are keen to take on new blood. The REC reports that a growing number of temps are unhappy with their treatment. But unfortunately, there are some unethical ones too, where they prey on people who are ripe for exploitation," says spokesman, Tom Hadley. In the worst case scenario, agencies are in fact criminal gangs champing at the bit to rip people off or worse still, put their lives at risk.

Think Morecambe Bay. Good news for support staff is that this tends to be concentrated in the agricultural and construction sectors. Back in the office, the biggest problems are unscrupulous recruitment agencies under-paying or paying late, he says - often because of price wars, whereby one agency tries to steal a contract with a business by offering them temps at ever cheaper rates.

Guess who feels the pinch in their wallet? You guessed it - the temps. First rule, then - do your homework about going rates.

Check out job ads in the paper, look on the internet and in other recruitment agency windows - remembering there are regional differences. Another lamentable, but growing, trend involves some recruitment agencies seriously slacking on matching considerations. You should expect the consultancy to be an effective broker, according to Richard Barfield, chief executive of the Spring group of recruitment agencies.

At best, you get a placement that would be more suitable for someone with a much lower skills set. A good agency, he points out, will introduce you to a recruitment consultant on your first visit. Ideally, they'll make a couple of calls while you wait.

Ecosystem dynamics: nature's short, sharp shocks.

Martin Hills, business manager of Manpower in Bath, agrees, but adds that in a tight labour market, jobseekers shouldn't translate pessimism as a bad service. Realistically, a very small proportion of those people will ever be found work. Fri, Sep 19, , Megan Trainor reckons you're inch perfect- and we'd have to agree. The video is also viral-friendly eye-candy, with 70 million YouTube views to date and counting. Subversive tunes only work when you remember the pop as well as the polemic.

It just grew into this obsession as I got older. My sister had the cassette of her greatest hits and it was The Shoop Shoop Song I used to fall asleep to. When I was seven or eight, I got into the movie side of Cher.

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I used to think I was Rachel Flax. I used to sing Fever into the mirror.


All I wanted was a relationship with Bob Hoskins. She keeps telling people to be patient on Twitter. The Cher fans on Twitter got on to us. Now, in keeping with Barlow family tradition, Eccles is being accused of a crime she did not commit biting Amy Barlow and has gone on the lam like The Fugitive or The A-Team.

Tracy Barlow, who was imprisoned for a crime she did commit braining a man with a statuette , is taking the moral high ground and wants her pound of furry flesh.

She was once subject to a similar miscarriage of justice free the Weatherfield one! Will Eccles be saved? I hope so. I, like other simple-minded viewers, would happily watch a whole episode just featuring Eccles being given a bath.

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If not, I propose a spin-off show where Eccles gets prison tattoos, skips jail, and goes from town to town solving crimes. More from The Irish Times Music.

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