Talking Dirty: Getting into the Phone Sex Industry and Staying There

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They'd been interrupted—and they needed a little help getting back on track. At this point, I'd had them on the phone nearly five minutes. I did the math: If I could keep them on another 10, I'd have a decent paycheck. Men on the phone asked for strange things, and so long as I could make them wait for it, I obliged. While a phone sex operator in the U.

I performed these scenarios regularly. I even pretended to be women pretending to be dogs. I never gave men the full girlfriend experience—they didn't want it. They didn't believe I loved them and they didn't believe I was invested in them as human beings. But they did believe I was excited—and even more, excited by the same secret imaginings as them. Once in a great while, a caller would forget the super sexy reason he called and we'd just talk.

He'd tell me about the woman at the office who inspired his fantasy, and I'd find myself giving him advice, encouraging him to share his feelings and make a move. I told those men their girlfriends could pretend to be somebody just as well as I could, and it could be sexier for them when they could see through the lie. I never had a call that didn't end in the shuddering sounds of a male climax, but there were rare moments before it came when they forgot about sex, too drawn in by connecting with another person, free of judgment. Intimacy is about letting somebody inside your head, into your needs, fears, and darkest desires.

It's about acknowledging them aloud, even to a stranger whose face you never see. I'd count them out. This troll is trying REALLY hard, what with all the exclamation points and all the smile emojis and stories about guys who just want to "cum. R84 is it that hard to believe that men like to cum? I talked mostly about the men that want to suck cock because this a site predominately for gay men and I can't imagine they would be interested in hearing about phone sex fantasies that involve women. I'll continue to be pitiful as I watch my earnings grow :.

I didn't come here to get customers, gay men aren't my demographic.

Make Extra Money as a Phone Sex Operator?

I came for a bit of fun and explain what I do. R85 most companies want you to have a landline although there are companies and platforms that don't care if you use a cell. I use a landline because the sound quality is much better and calls won't drop on my end. I always recommend a landline :. R87 I haven't been a teen for many decades, thank you for believing I'm even younger than I play on the phone : how would this be a prank? R92 yes in my lengthy experience straight men are very interested in talking about sucking and getting fucked by cock.

Other psos have different customers. Totally believe it. I've been with straight married men who were complete bottoms, taking fantasy into reality. They want to be pinned down and owned by an alpha male major turn on for me. And some of these guys are super hawt. All one has to do is go on Pornhub and look for femdom videos involving bisex and pegging.

Make a connection

Thanks for coming on here and giving us a look at the, uh, ins and outs of the industry. Appreciate your candid disclosures OP.

Location location location

R94 it varies year to year. I've worked at places where I made a few hundred a week. The past 17 years since I now work for myself I make much more. I don't have a college education so for me this is good money and I wouldn't be able to make it doing anything else! There really isn't a limit on what you can make if you work it right and have experience :.

That is really good money. You make more than a lot of college educated people. Thank you for the answer! R96 you are spot on! Some of my customers feel guilty about their fantasy once they cum and others still want it after they cum so it really depends on the individual. That's understandable. The 1 fantasy of partnered gay men is to eat a nice shaved pussy and titty fuck women with DDs or bigger. I believe the OP in as far as the male fantasy aspect.

When I first moved to the States I knew a dominatrix, and she shared with me how many "clients" got off on forced bi scenarios. One time she even had a rabbi request "forced bi" He not only sucked the other bloke off, but swallowed too. This and crapping on blokes seemed par for the course. R94 your welcome : I have slow times too just like everyone but even when it's slow I make enough to cover everything :.

R yes forced bi is a popular fantasy. The majority of my customers are in the US but I do and have talked to men all over the world, I've learned a lot :. Also, was there a drop off since all the cam sites became mainstream? How do you do your marketing to compete with those? R some are bi, some are bicurious some are straight but love to fantasize about servicing men. They may be gay and pretending to be straight but why would they call a woman for that, I dunno :. Straight men are weird.

I would just love to know why such high numbers of them secretly want dick and I can't think of any gay men that sneak out to get their fill of pussy.

I'm a phone sex operator. Ask me anything

R it's been many years but yes I used to do Mommy fantasies and you are right a lot of straight guys love that shit! I don't provide that type of service anymore but once in a while a guy will try that with me even though he knows it's against the rules. R I think the reason they don't call men is because they need to hear a female voice talking about their fantasy. Cam sites haven't really interfered because there are plenty of men that just want a voice and don't want or need to see anything.

I promote myself on social media and on the site I work on :. R it's all about taboo. A lot of men are raised to believe they have to be with women and so if they want men they need to be sneaky. Keep in mind a lot of my customers are older and were brought up during a time where being gay wasn't accepted the way it is today :. What if I have gay-voice? Will DLers still call me for phone sex?

Sexy Saturdays: Phone Sex Tips

Can't we just talk about draining spaghetti and Joan Crawford? I won't even charge for that. R14 yes you can, gay voice straight voice there is something for everyone.

I'll talk to you about Mommy Dearest and teach you about Italian cooking :. If they are, call me! R thank you, I'm happy you and others find this interesting : tributes are like tips. I've done some research on this phone sex stuff. And one thing I keep hearing is that it is NOT a lucrative way to make money. You're full of shit, troll. And your repetitive use of the word "cum" indicates you have the brains of a big fat rock.

How does one go about working for oneself? So Miss OP, why are sex phone lines still a 'thing' in ?


I would have thought the intnet would have killed that off long ago. R you are correct it is a lot of hard work. I have approximately 3, audios not to mention the other content I create. The word "cum" is the second most important word in phone sex so there's that!

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PSOS are different, we have different talents and some make more than others. Why is it hard to believe? R correct! It also depends on where you work. I don't just talk on the phone.