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The Going In-House Handbook: A Concise Guide to Making Big Career Changes

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The Going In-House Handbook: A Concise Guide to Making Big Career Changes

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Held him down, broke his neck, taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget.

Beyonce - 'Dreaming' 4 : It's something of a tautology to ever bother saying that Beyonce's voice sounds amazing, but few demonstrate its quality to quite the extent of 'Dreaming', from the Japanese release of 4. It's a syncopated delight with a baffling blend of humour and pathos.

  • Liderazgo o ManipulaciĆ³n: un enfoque diferente (Spanish Edition).
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The Libs at their best, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that it makes an appearance on their summer tour. Lorde - 'Bravado' Pure Heroine : She's still only 18, but Lorde's voice has matured significantly over the past few years, as is showcased perfectly on her Hunger Games contribution 'Yellow Flicker Beat'. On 'Bravado', she sounds heartbreakingly young, compounded by lyrics such as, "I was frightened of every little thing that I thought was out to get me down, to trip me up, and laugh at me. We say all-out, because the chorus is sung entirely in Japanese.

One of Queen's greatest ballads.

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Lana Del Rey - 'Flipside' Ultraviolence : The first minute or so of 'Flipside', from Ultraviolence, sees Del Rey's lilting vocals accompanied only by a reverb-filled guitar riff before it expands into a full-blown ballad. In the very best way. Vincent's phrasing, a party record you could play at a funeral.

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Arctic Monkeys - '' AM : A little darker in tone and melody to much of Arctic Monkeys' critical and commercial firestorm AM, '' would be equally at home played in a sleazy club as a festival. It would improve either scenario considerably. A landmark track from a landmark year. Alexandra Pollard. Editor's Picks.